Singles Flirt Up Your Life Cheats Relationship

There are several money entries in the file; all of them should be changed. This will now allow you to start the game with that amount of money. This game is fantastic just save the game and in the save game folder just open the file that end with. DAT should be the smaller file in size And use a text editor to change some values like relationship You should quiqly know this secret the only secret for the only game.

All good relationship actions: Edit all the relationship requirements to "0". Having Children While two people are in the middle of making love, save the game and then exit. Soon later, restart the game, and load your saved game. You will notice that there is a baby by the lovers. Modify Money Locate the file "game. Open the file with Notepad and search for the word "money". Change the amount to for max money. More Skill points You use skill points to make your singles better at doing tasks therefore taking less time to complete and giving your spare time to wash it seems like I'm forever washing!

Here is how you give you Singles flat mates more skill points. Meanwhile he has turned his passion for new styles and outfits into a career and he is getting on well. There's just one thing he's missing: After all, these short-lived affairs won't help his personal growth Alex likes to wear colorful knitted sweaters and sandals. The caring type, he supports women's lib and is proud not to be hip. His altruism might lead him to work as a preschool teacher, and his zest for social issues might induce him to take up social science studies.

Not really a romantic here at first glance, Bert is the typical computer nerd: Hacking in code and working with computers, that's bert's idea of a life. And who knows - this might even make him rich and famous one day D In game description: Every girl at school dreamed of dating him - and probably would have wet themselves if he'd ever asked them. He's a rebel at heart and won't accept orders from anyone. Charismatic and clever, he cannot hide a bitter streak.

Mark is the manager or head of an up-and-coming company. He's the ultimate alpha male and possesses a natural authority. His power and money lend him a certain sex appeal. He's never short of a smart answer, likes to flirt and usually turns up with a new girl every week. Except that right now he's sharing a flat with a real cutie He is enigmatic and people feel there might be a tragic secret somewhere in his past. It's easy to hurt him, but he has a keen mind. Creative and always on his own, he could certainly be a good musician or painter.

Shannon doesn't care for men really. She doesn't mind them, but she's not too keen on them either. Most men are no match for her anyway - being a professional athelete, she has hardly got started by the time most guy are already panting for breath. And anyway, a woman knows best about a woman's needs. Well she does, doesn't she? There's no story dialog in the Free Game.

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